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Alyse Zavala- Lead Vocals


Music Influences: Jonny Craig, Pierce the Veil, Tool, Hayley Williams, Linkin Park, Brent Smith, Etta James, Chris Cornell, and Oli Sykes


Experience: I started singing in Ohio when I was 4 and writing song lyrics for church at the age of 6. I sang my first Church stage performance singing my own original song at the age of 7 and was lead vocal role in all the church plays growing up.  I signed up for every talent show/ karaoke/ singing competition I could find and joined my first band at the age of 14. I started off in many bands that never left the garage and kept switching band projects- determined to hit the stage one day.  My most recent projects in North Carolina before Kiss the Curse played a lot of shows and seemed promising but just ended in disappointing results.  I never gave up on my dream and started Kiss the Curse when I finally found band members that were as dedicated as I was to make a name for ourselves in the music world while still remaining humble enough to appreciate it.


Writing lyrics that people can relate to and melodies that can fuel the crowd to sing along is my passion. Most importantly, I don’t just write lyrics- I feel them. I try to make the crowd feel the lyrics too. I am so blessed to have found this band and can’t wait to sing every show like it is my last.

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